Chaos Faction 1

Spend some of your free time that you need to kill because it is very boring with this unique flash game on this site. So, if you are reading this that means that you have decided to try this game already. I must say that you did the right choice. This site was exclusively built for chaos faction game serios fans and we are glad to inform you that you can play Chaos Faction 1 bellow.


Use arrows to move, down key for block, Z for attack 1, X for attack 2 and SPACE for pause.

Note: You can change the controls in the settings menu.

Chaos Faction 1 has very unique and exciting sound effects and amazing graphics that make the playing of this game one complete experience. In this game you will have to choose your badass character at the beginning and fight in the arena with your opponents. There are many levels you will have to finish by fighting till death with your opponent if you are playing campaign. There are also two more modes you can play. Death-match, where you will have to create your own custom game with your own rules and survival mode where you will have to defeat as many enemies as you can.

One fact that we must say is that this game has constantly increasing the number of plays from the day of releasing. That fact show that this is quality game and this game deserves to be in the top action games ladder. While you are in the arena you will get random boxes with specials that can be used for getting advantage in fights. The boxes can be extra health points, higher jump or some unique weapon. As the levels goes by and if you finish them successfully new weapons will be unlocked. First to 5 kills wins the battle. There is nothing you should be afraid off. This game is very easy and fun to play. Give it a try. All you need to do is to concentrate hard on your opponent and you will not have any problems finishing it. Also, the controls are very simple to use. Good luck and have fun while playing this unique and exciting flash game on our site. We hope you like it.

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