Chaos Faction 2

Are you ready for the second part of the worldwide famous action game named Chaos Faction?


No matter you have played the first part or not you can play this game and try to accomplish for sure. This game possesses some amazing graphics and sound effects that make the playing of this game one complete satisfaction and experience. You do not have to possess some skills and knowledge for playing this game, you can learn it right here, how to fight versus some ugly and scary enemies that want to kill you. There are 3 zones with 5 levels that you will have to win if you want to win this game.

Use arrows to move, Z for punch, X for kick, D drop weapon and SPACE to pause the game.

You may be fighting in the arena alone or with your friend versus all of the enemies that may be zombies, weird creatures, steel soldiers, animals etc. In the battle you may find yourself fighting with aliens too. Also, pirates can be your enemies. While you are fighting, I must say, collect the wooden boxes for getting advantage by getting some unique rifle or extra health points. As the levels goes by a variety of rifles and weapons will be unlocked for you to use. You may find some level that is hard to overcome, but don’t quit right after. Show some commitment and you will win it for sure. You can choose to play from 3 different modes, campaign, death-match or survival. In campaign mode you will have to finish the tasks in the 3 zones to win the challenge. In death-match mode you can create your own custom game with your own rules, and in survival mode you will have to kill as many enemies as you can before they get rid of you. Give it a try. The controls are also very simple to use. Good luck and have fun while playing this unique flash game on our site and we hope you will like it.

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